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Update Your Address in Utah

Moved recently? Utah law requires updating your address within ten (10) days. You’re not required to get a new driver’s license or ID, but two (2) options are available if you prefer an updated one.

Option 1: For a new driver’s license or ID with the updated address, bring two (2) documents confirming your Utah residence during your office visit.

Option 2: Skip proof by updating your address online before the office visit.

If your Utah driver’s license expires within the next 6 months, consider renewing. For licenses with more than 6 months left, choose replacement. For ID card renewal or replacement, click here.

Attention CDL Holders:

  • Change your address within 30 days of moving.
  • Online changes aren’t available due to federal regulations.
  • Your CDL must show your current address.
  • Submit proof of Utah residency, dated within the last 60 days. Explore our Required Documentation page for accepted proofs.

Feel free to replace the [here] placeholders with the actual link to the renewal or replacement page on your website, and [Required Documentation] with the link to your documentation page.