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New Legislation

Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety Revisions
Effective 12/30/2018

The legal BAC level will be reduced from .08 to .05 in DUI statute 41-6a-502.

What you can expect:

  • Law enforcement officers will continue to make arrests based on impairment.
  • The goal of DUI enforcement efforts has been and will continue to be the detection and removal of impaired drivers, which allows officers to identify drug-impaired drivers as well as alcohol-impaired drivers from Utah roadways.
  • The current training for law enforcement officers dictates that they should make DUI arrest decisions based on impairment detected during the entire investigation, or in other words, the driver’s inability to safely operate a vehicle.  Officers are trained to conduct their investigation to detect impairment prior to requesting a driver to perform portable breath test (PBT) to measure the driver’s BAC limit.
  • Currently, significant changes in the current approach to training are not anticipated in light of the newly passed .05 BAC limit.

Click for a .05 FAQ.

New Driver License Fees
Effective 7/1/2018

Amends the fees charged for services.  Click for a list of the new fees and for the law.

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