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New Legislation 2019

HB101 – Autonomous Vehicle Regulations – Amends provisions regarding traffic laws, licensing, titling, requirements, and adds provisions regarding the operation of autonomous vehicles.

HB149 – Traffic Code Amendments – Amends provisions of the Traffic Code to allow lane filtering by a motorcycle. Allows lane filtering if a motorcycle is overtaking a vehicle that is stopped in the same lane of travel and there are two or more adjacent traffic lanes in the same direction of travel. Filtering is only allowed on roadways with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour or less.

HB294 – Driver License Renewal Amendments Effective 1.1.2020 – Changes the required frequency of driver license and identification card renewal from five years to eight years and increases the renewal fee.

HB290 – Driver License Record Amendments – Amends provisions related to driver license records and the data that is shared.

HB302 – Traffic Code Modifications – Amends provisions related to the safe operation of a vehicle. Allows an individual who has been in an accident to move the vehicle out of the travel lanes, to an adjacent shoulder, the nearest cross street, or others suitable location that does not obstruct traffic.

SB68 – Driver License and Implied Consent – Amends provisions related to a driver license, implied consent to a chemical test, and driving under the influence.

SB100 – Electronic Driver License – Defines “electronic license certificate” and requires the Driver License Division to implement electronic license certificates by January 2021.

SB131 – Ignition Interlock Amendments – Amends provisions related to the ignition interlock exemption for an individual whose offense for driving under the influence did not involve alcohol.

SB233 – Transportation Code Revisions – Amends provisions related to the Department of Transportation, policies and procedures, aeronautics, and lane restrictions. Allows certain public transit vehicles and vehicles towing a trailer to operate in the left general purpose lane.

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