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Brochure of different Utah licenses

Every resident of Utah who drives a motor vehicle on the highways must have a valid Utah driver license, learner permit, or temporary driving permit.

Persons become residents and will need to obtain a Utah driver license if they:

  • Enter the state with the intention of making Utah their home.
  • Remain in the state for a period of six (6) months or more during any calendar year.
  • Obtain a driver license or register a motor vehicle in Utah.
  • Obtain privileges not extended to non-residents, including school tuition.
  • Are gainfully employed in Utah.  (This does not apply if you are on a temporary assignment in the state.)

Non-residents licensed by another state or country may drive in Utah if:

  • At least 16 years of age.
  • Temporarily assigned by an employer, religious or private organization, or governmental entity.
  • Military personnel and dependents who are temporarily assigned in Utah.

When applying for a Utah driver license, your privilege to drive cannot be suspended, revoked, disqualified, or denied in another state.

Under Utah law, the individual driver is responsible to refrain from driving if there is any uncertainty about his/her physical mental or emotional status which may affect driving safety.  If the condition persists, he/she is responsible for reporting it to the Driver License Division.

The Division requires 20/40 vision and peripheral fields (side vision) of 120 degrees in at least one eye to pass the vision test.  If you fail to meet this standard with or without glasses, you will be required to get a statement from your eye doctor.  The statement must be presented before your application can be completed.  It should indicate specific vision problems and suggested restrictions, if any.  An eye test is required on all original, lapsed, duplicate, and renewal licenses.  Everyone aged 65 and older is required to pass an eye test every five (5) years.

The written knowledge test will be questions based upon information in the Utah driver handbook.  The questions will be related to your specific written knowledge test or tests for the required license and/or endorsements.  You are allowed to take two (2) written knowledge tests in one (1) day.  After three (3) attempts, you will be required to pay a second fee.

The examiner may require you to demonstrate your driving ability.  If so, you must provide the vehicle to be used.  It must be properly registered and comply with vehicle safety laws, including functioning safety belts.  The vehicle may be rejected if its condition could cause harm to the examiner’s person or clothes.  The license applicant and the examiner are the only occupants allowed in the vehicle during the driving skills test.  In addition to road rules and regulations, you will be judged on the use of proper driving techniques and other important elements of safe driving, such as your general behavior and attitude.  During the driving skills test, you will not be asked to do anything that is against the law.

The following is a partial list of items on which you may be evaluated on during the driving skills test:

Driving posture
Proper use of lanes
Left and right turns
Starting and stopping
Parking on hills and between cars
Observance of traffic signs and signals
Steering coordination
Attention at intersections

If you fail the driving skills test you will be expected to practice before taking another test.  You may take only one (1) driving skills test in a day.  Failure to pass the required tests in three (3) attempts will result in having to pay another fee.

All tests must be completed within six (6) months from the day you pay your fee.  Any person may be asked to complete a driving skills test if the examiner feels the applicant’s ability to drive may be in question.