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Limited-Term ID Card

A person who would need to obtain a Utah limited-term identification card:

  • An applicant who provides acceptable proof of their status as a refugee, approved asylee, or covered humanitarian parolee.
  • Individuals who are not U.S. citizens but who are in the U.S. legally.

Requirements for obtaining a first-time, renewal, or replacement limited-term identification card:

  • You will need to visit one of our Driver License offices.
  • You will take a photo upon arrival.
  • Submit the nonrefundable fee of $23.00.
  • Bring proof of legal/lawful presence and identity (name and date of birth.)
  • Bring social security card or proof of ineligibility to obtain a social security number.
  • Bring two (2) documents of Utah residence address.


  1. Complete the identification card application online.
  2. Once you have completed the application, you will be directed to schedule a limited-term appointment for your visit.
  3. Click here to get started.

Note: If the name from your identification card or identity card is different than the name on your identity document (e.g., birth certificate, passport), it must be accompanied by legal documentation authorizing the name change. These include a certified state marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption, citizenship, guardianship, or court documents indicating the name change.

After completing all requirements for an identification card, you will receive a temporary identification card with a photo on the same day. The completed identification card will have an expiration date of your legal presence document or five years, whichever is sooner; or 1-year from the date of issuance if there is no expiration date and will then be mailed to you in approximately 4-6 weeks.