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Name and Address FAQs

What if I need to change my name?

If your name is different from the name on your driver license (any state or country) or identification card, you will need to provide legal proof of the name change with a certified state marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption papers, citizenship papers, guardianship papers, or a court document indicating the name change.

How long do I have to change my address if I move?

Utah law states you must notify the Driver License Division with any change of address within 10 days so you will receive any notifications we may send you. (State mail is not forwarded by the post office.)  If we do not have a current address, you may have sanctions on your license that you are unaware of.  Address changes can be made online or at any of our driver license offices in the state.  If you do visit an office to change your address you will need to bring two proofs of residency with you.