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Regular Third Party Testing

Your driving test can be administered by third party testers.  An example of a third party tester would be a company that provides their own testing for a fee.  Third party tester fees are determined by the tester.

After completion of a driving skills test with a third party tester, they will submit the test results electronically to the Driver License Division.

To view a map of approved third party testers by school name in Utah, click here. 

The purpose of this third party tester program is to allow driver education instructors to administer driving skills tests.  Instructors who successfully complete the five (5) day training program can then apply for certification with the Driver License Division to test the driving skills portion of the licensing process.

Applicants for third party testers may be become licensed by meeting the license requirements of a private driving school and private driver education instructor.  See rules for opening a driving school below.

Application for Driving School

Application for New Instructor

Would you like to open a Driving School?
Persons interested in opening a driver training school must read the Utah Administrative Rule R708-2.  Then complete an approved instructor preparation course.  This course will prepare you to instruct new drivers.

The potential school owners must submit the following information:

  • A school application.
  • An instructor application for each instructor.
  • A business plan prepared by the school operator.
  • A fingerprint card for all school owners, operators and instructors for a criminal background check (school is responsible for all costs associated with the check.)
  • A course curriculum detailing how the school will provide required training hours.
  • All forms, quizzes, tests, videos, training materials and resources that will be used.

Once the school has submitted this information, the Division has 60 days to review all the information for accuracy and provide any feedback for changes if necessary.  The school must then fix any problems and submit the changes to the Division for final approval.

Once all background checks and curriculum have been completed all operators and instructors must pass a 100-question written knowledge test and take a driving skills test.  The Division will conduct a site inspection of the school.  The Division is checking to make sure that the location meets the requirements of administrative rule.

Schools that offer instructor preparation courses:

For additional information contact our Customer Service Section at 801.965.4437 or toll free at 888.353.4224.