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An applicant who provides acceptable proof of their status as a refugee or an approved ayslee for an original Utah limited-term driver license will have the option of taking the Utah written knowledge test in their native language with the assistance of an interpreter.  If the applicant provides proof of their out-of-country driver license, a 25-question open-book test will be given.  If the applicant does not provide proof of a previous out-of-country, or out-of-state driver license, a 50-question closed-book test will be given.

Applicants age 18 and under must provide completion of driver education, or proof of a previous license to avoid having to carry a learner permit for 90 days.

Please print this brochure to be sure you have all required documentation before applying.

  • Identity document (verified through SAVE)
  • Legal/lawful presence document (verified through SAVE)
  • Social security verification
  • Utah residence verification

Process for obtaining a limited-term driver license:

  1. Complete the driver license application online prior to your visit and bring with you.  Applications are available in the office, if needed.
  2. Schedule a refugee/asylee appointment for your visit.
  3. Photo will be taken upon arrival.
  4. Pass the eye test.
  5. Take the written knowledge test in native language with the assistance of an interpreter approved by the Department of Workforce Services –  here is a link to our interpreter list. If you are not using a translator for your written knowledge test view our Limited-Term Driver License/ID Card page.
  6. Submit nonrefundable fee.

Once the written knowledge test is passed, the applicant will be issued a temporary driving permit.  Prior to receiving the full driving privilege the applicant will need to pass the driving skills test with a driver license examiner, or a Third Party Tester.

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the applicant will be issued a limited-term driver license with a five (5) year expiration date expiring on the birth date of the applicant in the fifth year following the year that the limited-term certificate was issued.

The applicant will be allowed to renew the limited-term driver license for five (5) years without taking the exam in English. If a written knowledge test is required, the applicant may use an interpreter certified by the Department of Workforce Services or on a kiosk in their native language.

Upon the second renewal of the Utah driving privilege, they will be required to pass the written knowledge test at a kiosk in English. If the applicant cannot pass the written knowledge test in English, they will not receive any driving privileges. As long as the applicant’s status is refugee or approved asylee, they will be eligible for a five (5) year limited-term driver license.

After all requirements for a license have been successfully completed, you will receive a temporary license with a photo on the same day.  The completed license will then be mailed to you in approximately 4-6 weeks.