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DOT Card / Medical Information / Intrastate Waiver


Any driver who drives for commerce in a vehicle with a gross weight rating of 10,001 pounds is required to have a DOT medical card in their possession.  To obtain and maintain a CDL you may be required to have a DOT medical card.  The DOT physical examination is conducted by a licensed medical examiner.  The term includes, but is not limited to, doctors of medicine (MD), doctors of osteopathy (DO), physician assistants (PA), advanced practice nurses (APN), and doctors of chiropractic (DC.)

To find a medical examiner to conduct the DOT physical exam you may contact your primary care provider to inquire if they can conduct a DOT physical exam.  A DOT physical can be administered only by a certified medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry.

A DOT physical exam is valid for up to 24 months.  The medical examiner may also issue a medical examiner’s certificate for less than 24 months when it is desirable to monitor a condition, such as high blood pressure.

If the medical examiner finds that the person he/she examined is physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), the medical examiner will furnish one copy of the results to the person who was examined and complete a medical examiner’s certificate.

If you do not qualify for a DOT medical card, please see the Intrastate Waiver Program button below.


CDL holders are required to submit a valid DOT medical card and medical self-driving certification for original, renewal, upgrade, duplicate and state-to-state transfer license applications.

You must self-certify your type of vehicle operation. 
This means you must self-certify one of the following driving categories:

  • Non-Excepted Interstate (Nationwide)
  • Excepted Interstate (Nationwide)
  • Non-Excepted Intrastate (Utah only requires K restriction)
  • Excepted Intrastate (Utah only requires K restriction)

You can only certify to one (1) of the categories.  Failure to mark the correct box could possibly lead to further complications while you’re out driving.  To help you choose which to certify to, please view this Google doc.

For the medical certification process to be complete, this form must be submitted to the Driver License Division:

  • Every two (2) years; or
  • Upon renewal of your DOT card or Utah intrastate waiver card; or
  • Upon the issuance of any CDL driver license; or
  • If the status of your driving condition changes.


Every time you turn in a DOT medical card you must also turn in the self-certification form.  Here are the different options for submitting the forms:

  • Schedule a commercial driver license appointment
  • Fax them to 801.957.8633
  • E-mail
  • Mail a COPY (do not send the originals) to the Driver License Division at:

Utah Driver License Division
ATTN: Med-Cert Desk
PO BOX 144501
Salt Lake City UT 84114-4501

Before sending the DOT card and the self-certification form make sure everything is filled out correctly.

DOT card must include:

  • Doctor’s first and last name
  • Doctor’s phone number
  • Doctor’s license or examiner number
  • Doctor’s state where licensed
  • Doctor’s federal registry number
  • The DOT exam date issue date
  • DOT card expiration date
  • Driver’s name, signature, driver license number and address

If the DOT card is double sided, you must include copies of both sides.  Typically the front side will list the driver’s name and any restrictions that might be placed on the driver.  The back side will have the doctor and exam information.

Self-certification must include:

  • Only ONE (1) box checked to certify your driving type
  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s date of birth
  • Driver license number
  • Driver’s signature
  • Date (must be within 30 days from date received by Driver License)

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service at 801.965.4437 or toll free at 888.353.4224.

Note: When submitting medical information, please allow two (2) business days before following up with the division.