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Driving Skills Test

The driving skills test must be completed before you can be licensed. You have three (3) options for completing your driving skills test:

  1. Schedule the test with the Driver License Division.
  2. Complete the test through your driver education course.
  3. Test with a Third-Party Road Tester (click this link and then the top grey box that says “View Third Party Road Testers for Regular Operators License.”) They charge a fee to test.

The driving skills test evaluates driving behaviors, demonstrating that you possess the basic skills, knowledge, and abilities to safely maneuver a vehicle in compliance with Utah State Traffic Rules and Regulations and generally accepted safe driving practices. You must read and understand simple English used in highway traffic and directional signs. You should be capable of following simple instructions necessary for the successful and safe completion of the driving skills test.

If you fail the driving skills test at the Driver License Division you will be expected to practice before taking another test. You may take only one (1) driving skills test in a day. Failure to pass in three (3) attempts will result in paying another fee. All tests must be completed within six (6) months from the day you pay your fee.

Any person may be asked to complete a driving skills test if the examiner feels the applicant’s driving ability may be in question.

If you complete the driving skills test at your local high school or a commercial/private school/tester the results of the test are submitted electronically to the Utah Driver License Division and entered onto your driving record.

An applicant may not use the services of a Third-Party Road Tester when:

  • An applicant has a Utah driver license and has been requested to take a driving skills test by a physician, other medical professionals, or a law enforcement officer; or
  • The Driver License Division has requested an applicant to complete additional hours of driver training.

Requirements for the driving skills test:

  • You must provide the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be appropriately registered and comply with vehicle safety laws, including functioning safety belts. The vehicle may be rejected if its condition could cause harm to the examiner’s person or clothes.
  • The applicant and the examiner are the only occupants allowed in the vehicle during the driving skills test.
  • In addition to road rules and regulations, you will be judged on the use of proper driving techniques and other essential elements of safe driving, such as your general behavior and attitude. You will not be asked to do anything against the law during the driving skills test.

The following is a partial list of items on which you may be evaluated during the driving skills test:

Driving posture
Proper use of lanes
Left and right turns
Starting and stopping
Parking on hills and between cars
Observance of traffic signs and signals
Steering coordination
Attention at intersections

Before your scheduled driving skills test appointment, watch the Utah Road Test video posted on our YouTube channel for helpful information.

Utah Driving Skills Test