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Eye Test

The Division requires 20/40 vision and peripheral fields (side vision) of 120 degrees in at least one eye to pass the vision test.  If you fail to meet this standard with or without glasses, you will be required to get a statement from your eye doctor.  The statement must be presented before your application can be completed.  It should indicate specific vision problems and suggested restrictions, if any.  An eye test is required on all original, lapsed, duplicate, and renewal licenses.  Everyone aged 65 and older is required to pass an eye test every five (5) years.

Commercial drivers need to have a distant visual acuity of at least 20/40 in each eye without corrective lenses or visual acuity separately corrected to 20/40 or better with corrective lenses, distant binocular acuity of at least 20/40 in both eyes with or without corrective lenses, field of vision of at least 70° in the horizontal meridian in each eye.