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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare professionals are responsible for making recommendations and information for driving safety and responsibilities available to their patients.

To simplify reporting and to compare relative risks and limitations, the Medical Advisory Board has adopted physical, emotional, and behavioral functional ability profiles, including 12 categories, with multiple levels under each category.

The legislature eliminated a major obstacle for healthcare professionals with its provision that “A healthcare professional or another person who becomes aware of a physical, mental, or emotional impairment that appears to present an imminent threat to driving safety and reports this information to the division in good faith has immunity from any damages claimed as a result of making the report.”
*Utah Code Annotated 53-3-303

If you need assistance or have questions, you may contact the Medical Section at 801.957.8690.

Functional Ability Evaluation form.

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To view the Functional Ability In Driving Guidelines and Standards for Health Care Professionals, click here.

Category A – Diabetes and Metabolic Conditions
Category B – Cardiovascular
Category C – Pulmonary
Category D – Neurologic
Category E – Seizures and other Episodic Conditions
Category F – Learning, Memory, and Communication Disorders
Category G – Mental Health
Category H – Alcohol and Other Drugs
Category I – Visual Disorders
Category J – Musculoskeletal Abnormality or Chronic Debility
Category K – Alertness or Sleep Disorders