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Ignition Interlock Medical Exemption

Ignition interlock-restricted drivers may qualify for an ignition interlock exemption if they can provide information from their healthcare provider and demonstrate through testing the condition will not impact their ability to safely operate a vehicle.   

To determine eligibility for the exemption, a driver must:

  • Request an exemption packet at or call 801.963.7325.
  • Provide the required medical documents completed by a healthcare professional.
  • Complete testing at a Driver License office to ensure the ability to safely operate a vehicle. 

Drivers that have an ignition interlock medical exemption do not qualify for early reinstatement.  

Please be advised that submitting a medical form to the division could require you to submit subsequent medical forms, complete a driver review exam, and in some cases, a review by the Medical Advisory Board. 

A driver review exam could lead to a restricted license or the denial of your driving privileges if it is determined you are unsafe to operate a vehicle. 

For more information, contact or call 801.963.7325.