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In looking at how our current program would coincide with form MCSA-5876 (MEC) and form MCSA-5875 (MER), we have made changes in the process to qualify applicants for our Intrastate Waiver Program, and the role you play as the Medical Examiner.

Prior to the new MCSA-5876 (MEC) applicants who did not qualify for the requirements of 49 CFR 391.41, would submit the MER (full exam) with the ⬜ marked stating that the applicant does not qualify.  By submitting this disqualification form to our medical waiver program, this would enable us to mail out a “K Waiver”  medical packet for the applicant to take to their doctor to complete.  Upon returning this packet we would review their profile level to determine whether or not they qualify for the program.

Prior to the changes outlined, once the driver was deemed qualified for the K-waiver program, they would only be re-evaluated for the medical category for which they required the waiver.  This is no longer the case.

The new MCSA-5876 (MEC) and MCSA-5875 (MER), have been changed to allow you as a Medical Examiner to determine whether the applicant qualifies for a regular Federal MEC (Interstate), a MEC with a State Waiver (Intrastate), or if they do not qualify for a MEC.  These changes will effectively align our process for applying for a State Waiver with that of the process of applying for a Federal waiver/exception.

When the Medical Examiner marks the:

“⚪ the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR 391.41-391.49) with any applicable State variances (which will only be valid for intrastate operations,) and, with knowledge of the driving duties, I find this person is qualified, and, if applicable, only when (check all that apply):”

  • The Medical Examiner would also mark “Accompanied by a ______ waiver/exemption”
  • Then, the MCSA-5876 (MEC), would allow for the driver to apply for the State Variance or Waiver.

Now, when the driver receives a K-restriction waiver, not only will they periodically be re-evaluated for the medical category that requires a a waiver, they will also be required to see a nationally registered medical examiner complete a full physical examination at a minimum of once every 2 years.

The qualifications for the State Waivers have been set by our Medical Advisory Board (U.C.A. 53-3-303.5) based on the profile levels on the Functional Ability Evaluation (FAE) form.  Here is a link to the FAE guidelines

We have added some helpful cheat sheets to assist you with these forms.  Click Medical Examiners’ Certificate helps you to fill in the blanks. Color Coded FAE is a guideline for qualifying drivers to “Interstate” or “Intrastate.”  K-Restriction Waiver Application.  Frequent Web Links for a list of websites.  

MEC GuidanceColor Coded FAE
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