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Medical Portal

Welcome to the Utah Medical Portal instructional video page. To help you get started, we created a series of short videos based on topics. If you are interested in learning more about the portal. We recommend watching the introduction video to determine if you think the portal will benefit you or your office.

The videos are listed in sequential order; you can skip around if you are looking for a specific topic. If you prefer to meet us in person, we can be contacted below to answer any questions or to schedule a time to meet.

  1. Introduction video – length 1 min 7 sec
  2. How to create a Utah ID – length 2 min 56 sec
  3. How to create a Medical Portal account – length 2 min 9 sec
  4. How to create a token password – length 2 min 47 sec
  5. How to submit a medical as a healthcare professional – length 3 min 17 sec
  6. How to submit a medical as a token user – length 3 min 16 sec
  7. How a healthcare professional checks a token submission – length 1 min 23 sec
  8. How to submit a returned medical – length 1 min 46 sec

For more information about the portal or to schedule an appointment to train or in-service office staff, please contact the medical section supervisor at the Driver License Division by calling 801.963.7325 or emailing