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Utah Point System

A driver under 21 years of age, who accumulates 70 or more points in three (3) years, may be suspended or denied for one (1) month to a year, depending upon severity of the record.

A driver 21 years of age or older, who accumulates 200 or more points in three (3) years, may be suspended for three (3) months to a year, depending upon severity of the record.

Upon forfeiture of bail or conviction of a moving violation, points are assessed to the driving record according to the following schedule. However, points may vary plus or minus 10% depending upon severity of the record.  Certain serious violations, such as drunk driving, require mandatory suspension or revocation and are not included in the point system:

Reckless Driving 80
Careless Driving 50
1-10 M.P.H Over 35
11-20 M.P.H Over 55
21 M.P.H Over 75
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way 60
Following Too Close 60
Wrong Way on a One-Way Street 60
Impeding Traffic 50
Red Light 50
Stop Sign 50
Improper Lookout 50
Improper Passing 50
Improper Turn 50
Negligent Collision 50
Texting While Driving 50
Other Moving Violations 40

By safe driving, you can clear your own record.  As an incentive to safety, the point system provides that when you drive one (1) full year without a moving traffic violation conviction, one-half the points acquired will be removed from your record.  If you drive two (2) successive years without a conviction, all points will be deleted.  Points for individual convictions are automatically removed from your record three (3) years after the date of the violation.  As a further incentive, 50 points may be deleted from your record for completion of a driver improvement course recommended by a division hearing officer.