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Utah residents who fill out an application for a driving privilege will be asked a series of medical questions.

After completion of the application, further information may need to be collected from your healthcare provider.  The Driver License Division collects this information by sending the Functional Ability Evaluation form, or the Visual Examination form to you.

You will need to take these forms to your healthcare provider, who will profile the category for the condition indicated.  Based upon a completed Functional Ability Evaluation/Visual Examination, the Driver License Division may issue a license with or without limitations.

To view the functional ability profiles – coming soon.

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Category A – Diabetes and Metabolic Condition
Category B – Cardiovascular and High Blood Pressure
Category C – Pulmonary
Category D – Neurologic
Category E – Seizures or Episodic Conditions
Category F – Learning and Memory
Category G – Psychiatric
Category H – Alcohol and Other Drugs
Category I – Visual Disorders
Category J – Musculoskeletal Abnormality
Category K – Alertness or Sleep Disorders
Category L – Hearing and Balance