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How Can I Accept/Verify mDL

The mDL is a digitally signed electronic version of a government ID, carrying the issuer’s signature. To accept the mDL, you must check the digital signature using a standard verifier application to ensure authenticity. Never accept data from a customer’s phone screen, or handle the phone. Use a verifier application for a quick tap or scan. For some more detailed information on how the mDL works, read How to Use ISO 18013-5 or Redefining Trusted ID. You may also read the international standard document.

Never accept visual presentations. If a person shows you their phone, assume its a deep fake.
Several verifier apps for all platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows) are available to read mDL.

Downloadable Verifier Apps that Verify the Utah mDL

A good verifier app will interact with customers the way that fits your business process. GET Mobile Verify is available now for iOS and Android, with additional versions coming. You can also scan this QR code to download the app.

Ways to Interact with an mDL

A detailed description of the interaction modes available with ISO 18013-5 mDL is available in the Secure Technology Alliance white paper on The Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) and Ecosystem.

  • Tap & Go
    • With NFC terminals at your point of service and an internet connection, Android users can tap to authorize you to retrieve data directly from our privacy-protected, secure web API. Without an authorization token, nobody can access the data.
  • Scan & Go
    • Instantaneous data retrieval when there’s an internet connection by scanning a QR code (e.g., across a restaurant table) to authorize controlled data sharing in a privacy-protecting manner.
  • Scan & Connect
    • Scanning a QR code from a short distance (e.g., through a car window) to authorize a direct connection between the reader device and the mDL application (GET Mobile ID) for transferring data.
  • Distance: Check-in or Request
    • GET Mobile ID Verify implement an additional connection made not found yet in the international mDL standard. It allows the mDL holder to share data and then the verifier to search for devices nearby using Bluetooth that have consented to share. Distances vary greatly upon device type and can be up to 10m.

Trying to envision how YOUR business can verify mobile IDs, reduce fraud, and speed service? You may contact GET Group North America or any vendor of ISO 18013-5 verifiers for more information.

Visit any time to see the growing map of locations that accept contactless mDL.