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Where Can I Use My mDL

Utah’s mDL is certified to the ISO 18013-5 standard and can be used across the US and the world. More businesses are accepting the mDL every day. You can see a list of locations that accept contactless IDs on this map. As of March 2023, the mDL is accepted as an official ID at the following locations:

  • Salt Lake International Airport – TSA PreCheck Members
  • America First Credit Union (AFCU) branches
  • Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) branches
  • Harmons (City Creek, Traverse Mountain, and Santa Clara)
  • Various DABS State Liquor Stores
  • Midtown Community Health Center (Ogden)

DLD is working with the Utah Highway Patrol, gas stations, restaurants, local police, convenience stores, financial institutions, sports stadiums, and government agencies. They will be added to the map and announced through our social media channels when they become pioneers of the mDL.