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Utah Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Program

You control the data you share and the device never leaves your hands.

The optional Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) Program allows you to have an official signed copy of your card placed on your mobile device for you to control. Unlike the physical card and barcode, you may limit the data you share with businesses or entities you interact with. 

Utah’s mDL will be stored in the app GET Mobile ID, which was implemented to give you additional convenience and to improve your privacy and control. Privacy protections are built into the software so no entity can track how you use your mDL, but you have complete transparency into how and where you’ve used your mDL. No data ever leaves your device without your consent. Using mDL also gives greater accuracy to the businesses with whom you interact, can eliminate fake IDs, and can lower the incidence of fraudulent purchases, illegal driving, and criminals impersonating citizens.