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Utah mDL Registration

Valid Utah driver license or Utah identification card is required. 

Download the app from the Apple Store, Google Play, or scan/click the QR code to the left and watch the selfie registration instructions video below to securely register. Once you match, your Utah mDL is downloaded into only your phone.

If you choose to obtain this technology, the app is free for the first six months and then $1.99 per year.

Registration Issues?
We apologize that you are struggling to self-register. We set our security standards high so that nobody else can obtain your driver license/identification. You may experience difficulties if your photo has a big smile, hair covering, or shadows across the face, etc.

Try registering:

  • In a well-lit location.
  • Hair, smile, and image looking like your current driver license/ID card photo.
  • Straight-on picture of only yourself.

If following the instructions above still does not let you match, please email for additional registration options.