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Minor Driving Privilege Card (DPC) Original

A person who would need to obtain a Utah driving privilege card (DPC):

  • Individuals who are legally paroled in the U.S. (not eligible for REAL ID document.)
  • Individuals who are unable to establish legal/lawful presence.
  • Individuals who are ineligible for a U.S. social security number and must obtain an individual tax identification number (ITIN) from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Individuals meeting these requirements would not be eligible to obtain a commercial driver license or identification card.
  • You are a resident of Utah; and
  • You are required to obtain a Utah learner permit or DPC to legally drive while here in Utah. The valid DPC allows the holder to operate a motor vehicle in Utah but may not be used as a means of identification by any Utah government entities.

Requirements for obtaining a first-time original DPC:

  • You must be at least 16 years old to apply.
  • You cannot apply until you have carried your learner permit for six (6) months (only required until the age of 18.)
  • You will need to visit one of our Driver License offices.
  • You will take a photo upon arrival.
  • You will be required to pass the eye test.
  • Submit a nonrefundable fee of $25.00 for fingerprint processing and $32.00 for a license.
  • Bring proof of identity (name and date of birth.) 
  • Bring social security card or individual tax identification number (ITIN.) 
  • Bring two (2) documents of Utah residence address.
  • Bring a completed fingerprint card and photograph from a local agency.
  • Complete this online exam before you can be fully licensed Traffic Safety and Trends Exam (not required if providing evidence of a driving privilege from another state or country.)
  • Your driver education course information will be entered electronically and submitted onto your driving record. However, if you are age 19 and older and opt out of taking a driver education course (not required for age 19+), you must hold a learner permit for 90 days, plus complete at least 40 hours of driving (10 hours after sunset.)
  • You will be required to pass a 50-question written knowledge test and a driving skills test (these tests may be done through the driver education course, or if you are opting out of the driver education course (at age 19+), you will take the written knowledge test when you schedule your driver license appointment, and you will need to make a second appointment for the driving skills test portion after the written knowledge test is passed.)
  • If you provide evidence of a driving privilege in another state or country, driver education and the learner permit requirement do not apply. The written knowledge test would be 25 questions open-book (Driving skills test would be required if providing evidence of a driving privilege from another country.)
  • Bring a parent/legal guardian to sign for financial responsibility (age 17 and under.) The parent/legal guardian must also sign off on 40 hours of practice driving (10 hours after sunset.) At any time, the parent or legal guardian who signed for financial responsibility on the minor’s application can withdraw their signature until the minor is 18 years of age and for any reason. This action would invalidate the DPC, and the minor could reapply when they reach the age of 18 or if the parent/legal guardian signed a new application. There would be a licensing fee and a written knowledge test to reapply.
  • Understand the requirements/restrictions that are in place for the minor driver at certain ages.


  1. Complete the driver license application online.
  2. Once you have completed the application, you will be directed to schedule a provisional appointment for your visit.
  3. Click here to get started.

Note: If the name from your driver license or identity card is different than the name on your identity document (e.g., birth certificate, passport), it must be accompanied by legal documentation authorizing the name change. These include a certified state marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption, citizenship, guardianship, or court documents indicating the name change.

Note: By law, you may not possess more than one REAL ID compliant certificate at a time (e.g., a Utah driver license and a Colorado ID.)

For a list of approved document translators, click here.

After all requirements for a DPC have been completed, you will receive a temporary document that is a receipt only. The completed Driving Privilege Card (DPC) will expire on the birth date in the first year from the date the card was issued or renewed and will be mailed to you in approximately 4-6 weeks.