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Written Knowledge Test

The written knowledge test will be based on information in the Utah driver handbook. The questions will be related to your specific written knowledge test or tests for the required license and/or endorsements. You are allowed to take two (2) written knowledge tests in one (1) day. After three (3) attempts, you will be required to pay a second fee.

If you have never been licensed in Utah or any other state or country, you must take a 50-question closed-book test.

If you have been previously licensed in another state or country and are applying for your first-time Utah driver license, you will be required to take a 25-question open-book test.

When renewing your Utah driver license, if you have had more than six (6) citations in eight (8) years, have been suspended or revoked, or your license has expired for more than six (6) months, you will be required to take a 25-question open-book test.

The written knowledge test is offered in the most commonly spoken languages in Utah; click here for more information.