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Were You Recently Arrested for a DUI?

  • Your vehicle was more than likely impounded; click here to find out how to retrieve an impounded vehicle.
  • You should request a hearing with the Driver License Division within ten (10) days of arrest by completing this form.
  • You may seek legal counsel to represent you in your Driver License Division hearing and your court appearance.
  • Your driving privilege may be withdrawn on the 45th day after the date of arrest.
  • Any person convicted of a DUI alcohol violation will be ignition interlock restricted. If under 21 at the time of arrest, it is for three (3) years; if 21 and older, it is for 18 months.
  • If you have been convicted, suspended, or revoked for a DUI, be sure to read the alcohol-restricted driver information below.

**It is essential to understand that there are two (2) sides to every DUI arrest. The administrative side of the arrest deals with the Utah Driver License Division; the criminal side of the arrest deals with the court in the county of arrest. One or both sides may take action. Stay informed by requesting your Driver License Division (DLD) hearing (within ten (10) days of arrest) and talking with the DLD hearing officer.