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Driver Education

Driver education requirements vary by age.

17 years of age and under:

  • Complete a driver education course (apply for Utah learner permit first.)
  • Hold a learner permit for six (6) months. (An equivalent out-of-state permit may be counted towards the time held requirement.)

18 years of age:

  • Complete a driver education course (apply for Utah learner permit first.)

19 years of age and older:

  • Complete a driver education course (apply for a Utah learner permit first.)


  • Instead of taking a driver education course, apply for a Utah learner permit and hold it for 90 days, plus complete at least 40 hours of driving (10 at night.)

If you are coming from another state, out-of-state driver education completion certificates must meet Utah’s required hours.  Most out-of-state certificates will not have the observation training listed as it is not required in some states.  If training is needed in order to be complete, you may make up the remaining hours at an approved Utah driving school (see below.)  Out-of-state online or home study certificates will not be accepted.

Completion certificates must be on letter head or have a state approved seal and should not be mistaken as a license to drive.

These are the required hours to complete a driver education course:

  • 27 hours of high school classroom instruction, or 18 hours of commercial/private school, or 30 hours of Utah approved online/home study course;
  • 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction; and
  • 6 hours of observation.

Driver education course in Utah may be completed at:

View Third Party Road Testers for Regular Operators LicenseView Commercial Driver Education Schools

Please be aware that there are many online driver education courses offered on the internet.  These courses may offer driver education or practice testing, but they have not been approved by the Driver License Division and cannot be accepted as proof of driver education completion.

If you took an approved online/home study course the information will be entered electronically and submitted onto your driving record at the Driver License Division.

If you have never been issued a driver license (anywhere) you will be required to complete a driving skills test when applying for your Utah driver license.

If you are licensed in another state or country, you may be required to complete a driving skills test before obtaining a Utah driver license.

Test results are submitted electronically to the Utah Driver License Division.

There are three options for completing a driving skills test:

  1. You may complete the driving skills test through your driver education class at your high school.
  2. You may complete the driving skills test through the Utah Driver License Division with an examiner.
  3. You may contact a certified commercial school (third party tester) and pay a fee to be tested.  You will need a license from another country, or a learners permit issued by the Utah Driver License Division, and provide the tester proof of identification.

An applicant may not use the services of a third party tester when:

  • An applicant has a Utah driver license and has been requested to take a driving skills test by a physician, other medical professional or by a law enforcement officer; or
  • An applicant has been requested by the Driver License Division to complete additional hours of driver training.

The Driver License Division under the authority of UCA 53-3-501 and Utah Administrative Rule R708-2 regulates commercial driving schools.