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Driver Education (15 – 17 years old)

Driver education is required to apply for a Utah driver license.

First, you must apply for your Utah learner permit to enroll in a driver education course, and you are required to carry the learner permit for six (6) months before applying for your driver license.

If you come from another state, out-of-state driver education completion certificates must meet Utah’s required hours.  If training needs to be completed, you may make up the remaining hours at an approved Utah driving school (see below.)  Out-of-state online or home study certificates will not be accepted.

Completion certificates must be on letterhead or have a state-approved seal and should not be mistaken as a license to drive. Your driver education course information will be submitted electronically and entered into your driving record.

Please be aware that many online driver education courses are offered on the internet.  These courses may provide driver education or practice testing, but they have not been approved by the Driver License Division and cannot be accepted as proof of driver education completion.

Required hours to complete a driver education course:

  • 27 hours of high school classroom instruction, or 18 hours of commercial/private school, or 30 hours of Utah-approved online/home study course; and
  • 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • 6 hours of observation (state law does not require; however, the school or business can decide to implement and keep observation as part of their program.  Utah high schools require observation as part of their curriculum.)

Driver education course options:

The Driver License Division, under the authority of UCA 53-3-501 and Utah Administrative Rule R708-2, regulates commercial driving schools.