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Approved Utah Translator

It is the policy of the Utah Driver License Division to accept translations of documents that are printed in foreign languages under the following conditions:

  • The translator is certified by a company, school, religious organization, government agency, or court (Utah only) as having completed a translator program;
  • The translator is certified by the military and can provide certification document(s). Reviewed by the director or designee; and
  • The translator has filed a copy of a certificate with the division, which verifies the successful completion of a translator course, test, or program.

If you are looking for an approved translator to translate your foreign document, visit our valid translator list for a translator in your area who translates your language.

NOTE: A notary attached does not verify the authenticity of the translation or that the translator meets the qualifications of this policy by being adequately certified. Also, now that certified translators complete translations, they no longer need to be notarized.  All translations need to be original, word-for-word translations.  NO extract translations will be accepted.

Fees charged for translation services may vary.  You may wish to check multiple providers to find one that fits your needs.  Please be aware neither the Department of Public Safety nor the Driver License Division takes responsibility for services rendered or fees charged.

If you want to be on our approved translator list (see the list below of approved translator certificate programs), email your contact information to Once we receive and review your certificate, your name will be put on the approved translator list on our website within one (1) week.

If you have additional questions about becoming an approved Utah translator, please email

Approved Translator Certification Programs
All programs offer different levels and fees for certifications; however, the Business Level is the minimum requirement for approval: