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New Legislation 2024

HB 85 – Electric Bike Amendments – Effective May 1, this bill:

  • Amends the definitions of an electric-assisted bicycle.

    HB 311 – Lane Filtering Amendments – Effective May 1, this bill:

    • Clarifies that lane filtering is permitted on an off-ramp.

    HB 345 – Driving Penalty Amendments – Effective May 1, this bill:

    • Increases fines for speeding in a school zone.
    • Increases fines for failure to obey school bus signals.

    HB 30 – Road Rage Amendments – Effective July 1, this bill:

    • Address the seizure and possession of a vehicle for a road rage event.
    • Allows for an administrative impound fee when a vehicle is seized for an event.
    • Allows for the suspension or revocation of an individual’s driver license when the individual is convicted of an offense enhanced for road rage.

    SB 45 – License Plate Revisions – Effective January 1, 2025, this bill:

    • Removes the requirement for an owner of a vehicle to display a license plate on the front of the vehicle.
    • Removes the requirement for two registration decals for both the month and year and consolidates the registration information into one decal.

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