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CDL Classes and Restrictions

Class A and B or both vehicles with a gross total weight rating of 26,001 pounds.  Class A requiring a towed unit of 10,001 pounds or more (i.e. tractor-trailer.)  Class B does not have a towed unit (i.e. bus, dump truck, etc.)

Class C is a vehicle which gross weight rating is below 26,001 pounds, but is carrying 16 or more passengers including the driver or is placarded for hazardous material.

Which class of license do you need?

A CDL might also have restrictions placed on the license.  Restrictions may be added to a CDL due to wearing corrective lenses, written knowledge tests not taken, or equipment used during the driving skills testing.

Utah CDL restrictions:

  • A  No restrictions
  • B  Driver must wear corrective lenses
  • E  Vehicle must be equipped with an automatic transmission
  • J  Which restricts the driver for any other CDL restriction deemed necessary by the division
  • Which restricts the driver to driving intrastate only any commercial motor vehicle
  • L  Which restricts the driver to driving a commercial motor vehicle not equipped with air brakes
  • M  Driver may not transport passengers using a Class A bus
  • N  Driver may not transport passengers using a Class A or B bus
  • O  No tractor-trailer CMV
  • V  Variance

If you would like to apply for your commercial driver license (CDL), visit our CDL Original, Renewal, Duplicate page and schedule a commercial license appointment.