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CDL Changes

(Effective March 31, 2016)

The division will begin accepting FMCSA’s new medical examiner’s certificate (form MCSA-5876.)

Changes to the current DOT medical card requirements are as follows:

  • Drivers who require a Utah waiver card will also require a medical examiner’s certificate indicating a requirement for a state wavier/exemption.
  • Utah waiver card holders will require the new medical examiner certificate upon renewal of their K restriction waiver card.
  • Effective April 20, 2016, ALL DOT medical card submissions must be on the new medical examiner’s certificate (form MCSA-5876.)

(Effective July 1, 2015)

The Division will no longer issue CDL learner permits or 60-day licenses to out-of-state residents.

Drivers coming to Utah for CDL training will need to have a CDL learner permit issued by their home jurisdiction.

Drivers that were issued a CDL learner permit with a non-resident status prior to July 1, 2015 must complete the license process by June 30, 2015, or they will not be able to complete the process.

The Division may test and accept CDL driving skills tests from any state in the U.S..

All CDL learner permit holders must hold the permit for 14 days prior to taking a driving skills test.

If a driver upgrades their permit during at any time for an endorsement that requires a skills test the 14 day waiting period starts over (example: applicant is issued a Class B permit with no endorsements.)  Applicant returns at a later date and adds a passenger and school bus endorsements.  The new permit will be issued for an additional 180 days and the driver 14 waiting period starts over.

If the change to the permit does not require an additional driving skills test then the 14 days does not start over.