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Aren’t you the DMV?

No, you may call 801.297.7780, (800) DMV-Utah, visit their website, or contact your county assessor to register vehicles, determine vehicle taxes, or request forms for handicapped parking stickers. In Utah, unlike most other states, the DMV and Driver License Division are in two (2) different departments.

Can I pay for my traffic ticket at the Driver License Division?

No, tickets must be paid at the court indicated on the ticket.

Why do I pay a reinstatement fee to the Driver License Division if I already paid the court fines?

The court fines are separate from the reinstatement fee.  When the Driver License Division has withdrawn your driving privilege for any reason, a reinstatement fee may be needed to reinstate your driving privilege to be “valid.”  The typical reinstatement fee is $40.00.  Alcohol or drug reinstatement is $85.00 plus $255.00 for the administrative fee.

How can I obtain a certified copy of a driving record?

A certified record is a driving record that has been certified to be an accurate copy of the record as contained within the Department of Public Safety files.  Certified records take 10 – 15 days to complete. Click here to see the forms needed for a certified record.

Is there a third-party certification program?

Yes, if you are required to complete a driving skills test to obtain a driver license, you may make an appointment with one of the certified third-party road testers for your driving skills test.  Please visit our driver education page to see a list of certified third-party road testers.

How do I cancel a deceased family member’s driver license or identification card?

Written notification that a license or identification card holder is deceased must be received before changing the status to deceased.  The division will accept copies of the death certificate, obituary, or funeral program.  Submit this form with the documentation by email, mail, or brought to any Driver License office.

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