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Unsafe Driver Review

A family member, neighbor or a concerned citizen who becomes aware of a physical, mental or emotional impairment that may present a threat to an individual or others on the highways may submit a form to the Driver License Division. This form can also be used for the purpose of reporting drivers who may be unsafe to drive due to frequent accidents, frequent disregard for traffic laws or any driving actions observed which may affect driving safety.

When this form is submitted to the Driver License Division, the content will be evaluated and may result in the driver being requested to appear at a field office in order to complete written knowledge, vision and driving skills testing.  The driver may also be required to submit a Functional Ability Evaluation Medical Report form or a Certificate of Visual Examination form completed by their heath care professional or vision specialist.

At the conclusion of the review exam process, the driver may be granted a restricted driving privilege, or may have their driving privilege denied if unable to meet minimum testing standards.

The form submitted must be notarized and the identity of the person notifying the Driver License Division shall not be disclosed.  It may be punishable as a misdemeanor to knowingly give a written false statement (UCA 76-8-504.)

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